Dynasolve 750 & 711

Dynasolve 750 is used for dissolving cured urethanes, silicones, anhydride-cure epoxies, and photoresist films. Dynasolve 711 is the
aluminum-safe version of Dynasolve 750.


Dynasolve 750 & 711 are reactive solvents developed as companion products to the Uresolve series. However, Dynasolve 750 & 711
use glycol ethers based upon propylene oxide, while the Uresolve series uses glycol ethers based upon ethylene oxide.

1. These solvents can be used to clean a variety of parts and equipment including molds, molding equipment, mixing & metering equipment, pouring equipment, and other types of industrial machinery having contact with polymers.

2. They will dissolve and remove cured urethanes, silicones, anhydride epoxies, and cured photo resist films.
3. They will swell or dissolve vinyl, polystyrene, Lucite, and plexiglass. This unique chemical system will not cause discoloration or chemical attack on the following materials.
Plastics: Molding compounds such as certain phenolics, amine cured epoxy, neoprene, polyethylene, Teflon, and Kel-F.
Metals: Dynasolve 700 Series will not attack magnesium and magnesium alloys, carbon, steel, nickel, electroless nickel plate, silver, gold, beryllium alloys, stainless steel or chromium, copper, brass, and bronze.
For aluminum or aluminum alloys, use Dynasolve 711 only.
4. They will dissolve partially cured or gelled urethanes from the inside of a Kenics static mixer.


Dynasolve: 750 711
Colour Blue Blue
Specific Gravity: 1.01 0.99
Boiling Point: 248oF 248oF
Flash Point (CC): 105oF 105oF


1. Small parts may be immersed in the Dynasolve 750/711 until all cured material is dissolved. Many urethanes will dissolve at room temperature. RTV silicones, silicone molding compounds, anhydride epoxies and cured photo resist films will require heating the solvent to 200-250F. If heating is required use explosion proof heaters and exhaust hoods.
2. Use of ultrasonic cleaners or mechanical mixing of the Dynasolve 750/711 will speed up the dissolving rate.
3. After the polymer has been completely dissolved, wash in water or alcohol to remove excess solvent and dissolved polymer. If the surface of the component is milky after washing, the polymer has not been completely removed. Return the component to the Dynasolve solution and allow to remain for an additional amount of time. Repeat the washing cycle.
Note: Dynasolve 750/711 will absorb moisture when left open to the atmosphere; keep container closed when not in use.
4. It may be necessary to suspend the component in solution so that the material removed will settle to the bottom of the container and not redeposit onto the component.
5. Do not allow Dynasolve 750/711 to come into contact with liquid isocyanates or prepolymers, as it will lead to gelling of the solvent.
Dynasolve 750 & 711 contain powerful organic solvents. They are harmful if inhaled or swallowed. Avoid breathing vapors or mist.
Keep away from heat and flame. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear gloves, safety goggles, and protective clothing when
handling. Use with adequate ventilation. Refer to MSDS before use, for disposal, or additional safe handling.

Dynasolve 750, and 711 are packaged in US pints, quarts, gallons, 5-gallon pails, and 55-gallon drums. They can be shipped by UPS (ground or air), truck or air freight. Terms are Net 30 days, FOB shipping point. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Dynaloy, Inc. takes every precaution in the manufacture of its products. The information in this sheet is based upon our own research and is considered accurate. However, no warranty is expressed or implied regarding accuracy and results to be obtained, since operating conditions in your plant are beyond our control.